Experimental LRB 6.0

The 2008 BBRC Rules Review for Blood Bowl.
2008 Rules Review:
low res (5meg): http://www.blood-bowl.net/LRB_PBBL/L...008_lowres.pdf
high res (16meg): http://www.blood-bowl.net/LRB_PBBL/L...mental2008.pdf

New Teams (BBRC Endorsed and NAF ranked ... not officially part of the published Rules Review):
LRB 5.0 document: http://www.blood-bowl.net/LRB_PBBL/N...s2008_LRB5.pdf
LRB 6.0 document: http://www.blood-bowl.net/LRB_PBBL/NewTeams_LRB6.pdf

While some will disagree I really like these rules updates. My Goblins can get skills and Safe Throw is wonderful for my Elf teams.