Been a while since the Fist thread has gotten some love... I have completed my Achillus Dreadnaught for the custodes! So... he counts? Right?

During this project I learned I could airbrush Scale 75 Black Metal (the base color for the black) without thinning it manually, which was GREAT!

Since Liberator Gold is the world's most inconsistent gold, even when applied to dropper bottles and shaken vigorously, I was pleased to get such consistent tones given my spread of time across the model. The leaves around his scroll work turned out specially well.

All in all, about 2.5 weeks from start to finish. I did the legs first, then body and arms, then shoulders, then the spear which... just refuses to stay straight. Heat gun, hot water, all the usual tricks. Give it a few days and it will bend eeeeeever so slightly.Now that it's in his hand you can't really tell. But I can. And that frustrates me.

I'm glad I had some reference pics on what part of the blade was supposed to be what, and my color choices were nerve-racking, but I think it works well as an analogue to the regular spears carried by my other Custodians.

I wasn't sure what to do with the blank shoulder. I ended up cutting the "I" from around the rest off the Unification Wars honorific decal and using that. I think the stark white looks really good against all the darker colours as an accept.

I also did his head separately, which was actually pretty fun to do.

Onwards! Next up is the Caladius Grav tank which isn't the best cast I've had to deal with, and my chosen colour scheme will... be interesting to translate. I've also got the Eldar Shadow Spectres Phoenix Lord to finish before the end of the month as well (also not a great cast...). Wish me luck!