Thank guys.

I have completed my Judiciar!

Using the leftover hooded helmet from the Chaplain (who is now bald!) I gave him black robes to befit his status as "junior" Chaplain. He's got to earn that black armour, but the black jacket (which, if you look at the model, makes absolutely zero sense on the model itself) befits his station. I didn't like the executioner's flat-ended sword so he got a nice great big broadsword instead. Pleased with the result.

Replacing the original shoulder pad with some studs is felt good.

I will go to my grave cursing whomever at GW refuses to make should-pad conforming pre-stretched round decals.

And he looks like he fits in with my other Primaris (sans Librarian) very well! Only took a week and a half, two days of which I was out of town.