Thanks guys! Speaking of Black... Some other Imperial Fists Templars have joined the fray...

My logic is that as Sigismund's boys, and having spent YEARS on Terra at this point, they have access to some prototype MKVI and VII kits (Everything was VII anyway in 2nd...) but mix and match as they feel. Really happy with the cloak on the squad leader. I'm a big fan of mixed armour squads in most cases (which is why I'm dragging my feel on primaris so much!) and these were a fun kit bash and build.

I think this guy was the lynchpin on getting me started. Once I saw the Dark Angels Praetor I knew I needed to have him leading some Imperial Fists. Made perfect sense with the black armour and yellow robes the Templars have going on. The photo of his back shows a mould slip line I couldn't see in person, so I'm not gonna sweat it. Really, really happy with the depth of this yellow cloak.

The IF Command box came in handy, and giving him a slightly different helmet and some "history" with more storied armour was cool. 40K Black Templars surplices are also handy.

I ended up dramatically changing the pose of the chap on the left from what I had originally planned when the MKII was the only laureled helmet I was left with. happy with the result. Guy on the right is using a Blood Angel tabard!

I drove to the Warhammer Citidel the moment they opened from COVID last year for these parts. They are not good casts. So fiddly. I'm more than happy with how I got the shields to look but even with many, many thin coats, my method of painting yellow and the shallow detail just didn't want to cooperate. It's not bad, but it highlights some of the changes to sculpting over the past few years at how much better GW has gotten at making models that look as detailed painted, as unpainted, especially in resin, where a single primer spray will noticeably reduce the depth of some details.

And finally, all 10, including the 5 I did last year. I figure if I want to run them as a squad of 10, they're still legal even with two red/white helms. I'm just pleased the yellow was more or less consistent...

Next up, that final Venetarri