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    So, I'm going to lie, this is reaches of masochism I can't even begin to fathom.

    The semi-melty face on the middle one is from a two-second exposure to a flame - if you try this, be very careful! (See below) Excuse the mould lines on the one, it was a quick-n-dirty test mini!

    I've tried a couple of different methods of painting the Marines, and only have one to try out... the spray gun. Straight Golden Yellow and go from there.

    Spray-white and then Yellow Ink looked like I painted him with egg yolk. Working from brown looked... disappointing. I've painted a couple with varying degrees of success using the Tauspet Ocre, Iyanden Darksun drybrush and then four drybrush layers of golden yellow.

    First is the test mini, second is an experimental "assembly line" model.
    And it's still not consistent enough...

    I have gotten the round-decals down though, normal application followed by microsol followed by a half-second exposure to flame, followed by more microsol if needed.

    Works like a charm.

    More to follow once I've figured out the best way possible! Spray gun, here we go!
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