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Came out alright mate. It a bit hard when the basic body is black already and your obscuring detail on the figure. That is the plastic one?
Yeah that's the new version. I'm spoilt. Can't do metal anymore, all the detail is too soft compared to the crisp edges you can get from plastic in these modern kits but you are right. The "black bodyglove" look is... hard to get a ton of value out of without being a true artiste! I've come a long way from the start of the log (IMHO) but bare muscle in black isn't going to look great with my skillset!

That said, they are a BREEZE to paint and make look decent! I'm a little happer with the muscle definition on the Vindicare which I knocked out in about 48 hours real time! which is pretty quick for me!

The white one the mask came out a little less crisp than I'd like due to the sides not taking a wash properly, but I think he turned out well. I really like the dark black-green on the rifle case as well. Bring some extra depth to the dark colours without being distracting I think.

I also spent WAY too long on his chest and such before attaching the gun so.... Enjoy the chest shot in the lower left!

I love Contrast Paints though. Painting leather is just... It's so easy now for quick and dirty, especially on lower-depth details like the belts. Normally doing manual highlighting would be a tedious chore.

Anyway, I might grab the other two Assassins at some point, though the Eversor will need some base conversion (because the curved pipe looks silly) and I.... I don't really like the Callidus pose...