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Thread: Marines by Brush Your Teeth - A return to 40k

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    Marines by Brush Your Teeth - A return to 40k

    Righto, well after a breif respite from 40k in favour of Warmachine, i've decided to get back into it. Realising that none of my armies were that well suited to 5th edition rules i've decided to update my oldest army - Blood Angels.

    And i'll be trying to get a worn a battered look inspired by the Likes of Dominus Ex Macina and Lt. Mitch. With a colour scheme in mind i've come up with a quick test on the B&C marine painter (and kindly photoshopped by Gareth):

    And a quick test of painting dirt and damage:

    The yellow arm is an old fluf method of showing company colours, and the head striped will be done like the blood angels do helmet colours (red stripe tactical, yellow assault, blue devestator).

    And of course the last thing i need to sort out for this army is a list, so i've got something to work towards - this is what i've ended up with:

    1750pts - Marines
    Captain, Lighting Claws, Jump Pack

    6 Marines, Combi-Melta, Razorback, Las/Plas, Dozer blade, Extra armour

    10 Marines, Plasmacannon, Plasmagun

    10 Marines, Heavy Bolter, Flamer, Combi-Flamer, Drop pod

    10 Marines, Multi-Melta, Meltagun, Powefist

    Drednought, Extra Armour, Assault Cannon

    8 Assault Marines, Flamer, Power fist

    Landspeeder, Multi-Melta

    Predator, Twin lascannon, Heavy bolters, Extra armour


    6 Devestators, 3 Missile launchers.

    And without further ado - the beginings of progress:

    (grey primer needs a bit of touching up with codex grey)

    Thats all for now

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