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Thread: IG Wishlist (was More IG related rumours)

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    IG Wishlist (was More IG related rumours)

    Hi all,

    Here are a few rumours about the new IG Codex a friend of mine heard from a local GW manager. I trust him, as he had already provided me with very accurate informations concerning the 5th Ed SM Codex a few monthes ago. We can expect:

    -3 Leman Russes per HS slot. Leman Russes can now move and fire ALL their weapons (including the Battle Canon), regardless of their strength. It seems that the designers want to bring the Leman Russ to the foreground...
    -New doctrines, including one which provides +1 to cover and allows firing while going to ground.
    -New Plastic Command squad.
    -Assault 2 Lasguns (not free, though - probably an upgrade).
    -The plastic Valkyrie will cost 60€.
    -New plastic Hellhound (old news but good news anyway).

    As usual, take it with a pinch of salt.

    PS: I hope my English wasn't too bad... Don't hesitate to correct me if I did something wrong.

    Edit: I was also told that in order to field 3 LR per HS slot, you'll have to meet "certain conditions". Maybe some kind of Tank Commander?
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