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Thread: Fluff Heresy: On the Nature of Chaos Gods

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    Fluff Heresy: On the Nature of Chaos Gods

    The gist of it is this: The Chaos Gods aren't Gods. Hell, they aren't even Chaotic. That Chaos thing is just a PR campaign to attract goths and other nasties.

    Yeah, that makes for a nice start.

    I think they are nothing but giant, sentient Warp entities, with limited power in realspace. They feed on 'mortal' emotions (ALL OF THEM, not just 'negative' ones) and want nothing but survival. And... that's it. No great plan, no desire to turn the universe in a massive Eye of Terror... nothing.

    Too boring? Keep reading.

    (I'll keep calling them Chaos Gods during this post, though. 'Giant, sentient Warp entities' is just too long.)

    Three of the Big Four (Khorne, Nurgle and Tzeentch) were born during the War in Heaven as a result of the massive struggle between the Old Ones, their servants/allies and the Necrontyr-C'tan threat, as a result of the intense turmoil caused in the Warp by what amounted to be the first intergalactic war. The last one, Slaanesh, is the direct product of the Eldar's Fall, a good bunch of years later.

    These Gods, as you can see, are always a result of emotionally stressful moments in history. Why aren't more Gods born then in this Grim Darkness of the Far Future? There's surely more than enough war to stir up things in the Warp again, right?


    No. The Inmaterium, as it currently stands, is one big mess. If somehow we were to have the War in Heaven with the current state of the Warp, it wouldn't do much: the sudden influx of emotions would just get lost in the muddied 'waters', just as it keeps happening now. I'm pretty sure that little stuff like Armageddon, the Black Crusades and [INSERT OTHER GW'S PATENTED STANDOFF CAMPAIGNS HERE] has spawned a couple of Great Daemons, but that's about it. Slaanesh was lucky to have a race of such strong feelings as the Eldar and most of them focused in a particular one (pleasure), otherwise it wouldn't have born.

    I've said before that the Chaos Gods only want to live. Because they can't be actually hurt, being non-material and all, they focus their survival efforts on their food supply, that is, emotions. Each God feeds on a different field: Khorne on warlike feelings, Nurgle on fatalist-stoic ones, Tzeentch on ambition and its derivates, and Slaanesh on all kinds of excess.

    The thing with depending on material beings as suppliers of one's meals is that material beings tend to die/move away/start feeling unedible emotions/get eaten by Tyranids/etc. As such, the Gods have to somehow defend their flock.

    One of their methods is to directly influence events in realspace. This is very hard to do for the Gods, as it basically involves wrenching things in one universe from another. But how to know what events to influentiate? Simple. All of the Chaos Gods have precognition. *hides from TS fanboys*

    For example, an Ork Waagh! struck an Imperial world (nah, really? ) and the long, drawn-out battle that followed has had ups and downs for both sides. This is obviously pleasing Khorne, as it has been a continuous source of sustenance for him for almost a century. However, one particularly vicious Warboss has been laying waste to Imperial forces on every front and is pushing them back to their cities. This could be just another 'down' for the Imperium; however, Khorne notices that if this trend continues, the world may be controlled by Orks within the year, and the resulting pacification of the area (Orks will likely move forwards and try to crush the fleeing humans, abandoning the wasted world) will result in one hungry God.

    And that's terrible.

    He focuses on the battle: the Warboss runs here and there, crushing all enemies with his Klaw and Boyz. The Imperials are panicking, and it's only a matter of time before their lines are broken. One particular sergeant, armed only with his trusty chainsword and laspistol, faces the Warboss, muttering a prayer to the Emperor. But it's Khorne who, with great effort on his part, answers, and for precious few moments, a man has the power of the Blood God.

    In another dimension, someone screams: "YOU ROLLED A WHAT????"

    The Warboss lays dead, his head torn in half by the chainsword. The sergeant is a little dazed... he saw only a red flash and then the Ork was dead... and the adrenaline! The battlelust! The excitement! With newfound resolve (a snack for Nurgle), he yells at his troopers:


    And thus the Imperial Guard strikes back with new strength, the Orks are defeated... and the war is extended by another 50 years. See?

    Another method, more familiar to us, is the use of Daemons and mortal followers. Though not as precise as direct action, it's certainly more readily available than divine intervention. Followers provide material dominance and food for the Gods; however, they must be kept in check, lest they run out of control. This is why Abaddon will never win, and yet won't be turned in a Spawn: he's useful, but he will have the Chaos Gods themselves against him if he's too successful.

    But don't think for a second that the Gods care about the titles and philosophies assigned for them by mortals. Nurgle doesn't really care about spreading disease, he only wants people feeling miserable/resolute. How they get there, that's for themselves and Nurgle's cultists.

    I'm sure I had a point when writing this, but I think I missed it. Anyway, this has been on my head for some time and I wanted to share it with you.

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