So I recently bought Warhammer Online, which got me a little bit interested in the 'game behind the game', and then I started looking at GW's website, and then I started reading Warseer, and then I realize for how much time I was looking at stuff about the game I should probably get into it . I have a couple questions, though:

What's the best way to find other players? (I live in the Washington, DC area.) Is it easier to find games of Fantasy or 40k? (I would rather play Fantasy, the armies are more interesting for me for some reason, but finding a game is the main thing.)

How many people have multiple armies, and how long were you playing when you started your second army? It seems like an army is a big commitment, a lot of them look so cool. It also seems hard to "try out" new armies, unless you can borrow someone else's. I'm almost certainly playing Dwarfs, because Dwarfs are awesome! (And tough, and have a ton of war machines).

How hard is it to "re-do" paint jobs? I'm sorta fine with my Dwarf Warriors looking terrible, but I have to admit I'm a little intimidated by larger models. I don't want my Anvil of Doom to look like trash.

What's a good point value to shoot for for a first army? Something manageably sized that still gives a feel for the game.