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Thread: 1000pt Orks (building on AOBR)

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    1000pt Orks (building on AOBR)

    In the process of obtaining extra terminators, dreadnoughts, and tactical marines for a dark angels army, as well as rule books and template sets for my 2 carrying cases I've found my self in the possession of 2 sets of Black Reach Orks. So I grabbed the Ork codex, and started looking for a way to build an effective 1000 point army while investing as little money as possible in the project. So far, I've figured I can get a descent force together with a box of Nobz and a Big Mek with a Kustom Forcefield. Here is what I've come up with:

    Big Mek - Choppa, Kustom Force Field : 85

    10 Nobz - Slugga/Choppa: 200

    21 Boyz - Slugga/Choppa, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole, 2 Big Shootas: 176
    21 Boyz - Slugga/Choppa, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole, 2 Big Shootas: 176

    Fast Attack
    3 Deffkoptas - Twin-linked rokkit launcha, Bigbomm:180
    3 Deffkoptas - Twin-linked rokkit launcha, Bigbomm:180

    Total: 997

    I'm not a fan of those Big Shootas as I intend to run those squads at full tilt towards the enemy (so no shooting unless I'm about to assault), but fixing the problem would require me to buy a box of Boyz and while I will definitely do that when I expand the army for now I'm leaving them in there. Other than that, that's a total 78 wounds. The Deffkoptas will scout forward and try to stay in cover until they can jump out and bombard a unit with their Bigbomms. They also compose most of the armies anti tank. The rest of the army will run forward and charge anything that moves. The big mek will join one of the boyz squads. He'll probably die pretty fast once he hits combat but if he got the squad he's with all the way there then he's done his job.

    How does this stack up on the scale of effective Ork armies? Any suggestions on better (but still cost effective) configurations I could use? Any suggestions on where I should go with the army after this? Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: 1000pt Orks (building on AOBR)

    I would give a nob or 2 and pk in that nob squad, and probably give them something to ride in, and a painboy. Or as it looks like your planning, slog them up the board with the KFF mek and the 2 squads of boys. The KFF should be able to cover all 3 squads.

    The bigshootas are assault 3, so you can run and gun, rokkits are the same (well, they are assault, but not 3).

    I would personally drop the big bombs on the koptas, I'm not a fan of them, but if you want to try it out by all means. I would drop them both and give a nob a PK, or get a painboy. I think nobz should have both though.

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    Re: 1000pt Orks (building on AOBR)

    Your probably right about the Bigbomms. I'm going to try them out at least once but if they don't work out I'll have an extra 90 points to play with. With those points a power klaw, pain boy, and boss pole in the Nobz squad pis probably the first thing to do. The power klaw, unfortunately, is dependent on how many power klaws come in the Nobz box. As long as I have enough of them they'll make it in otherwise that will have to wait until I expand the army a bit. The other possibility is I could use one of the war boss miniatures to field a warboss with power claw, shoota, and boss pole and have him run along with the Nobz. This isn't as good as adding a pain boy, but it shouldn't be too bad. It will turn the Nobz into troops too so they can take objectives.

    I'm aware that big shootas are assault weapons. But where most of the mob are combat oriented, I'd prefer to just use the new running rules in 5th to get that extra d6" closer than get the 6 shots at bs 2.
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    Re: 1000pt Orks (building on AOBR)

    I generally don't bother with KFF's. Having a Warboss is really sweet when you have a nob squad for obvious reasons (troop choice + more killy)

    Here's what I'd do:

    Buy a Trukk
    Buy a pain dok

    Use Warboss as Warboss
    Cut off the 2nd Warboss' PK and attach it to a nob
    Use random bits from the trukk set to make 2-3 more PKs on your nobs
    Also use more random bits to make the nobs cybork (my personal favorite is "Wrecking Ball" Nob)
    Maybe a couple of combi scorcha's if possible (greenstuff is your friend here)

    Then toss two converted nobs with PKs in the boyz units
    Use extra PKs in nob unit

    Run the Warboss with the Nobs and pain doc in the trukk (you really don't need 10 nobs, 5-6 is enough).

    The rest of the army is fine

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