For anyone who has read Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card. should understand a little of what I'm saying. The most esteemed author once wrote that he grew dissasatisfied with funerals. He didn't approve of the idea that in funerals we revise the life of the dead, to give the dead a story so different from their actual life that, in effect, we kill them all over again. He claims that is too strong, we edit their lives, we make them into a person much easier to live with than the person who actually lived. He rejects that idea. Speaking for the dead should be more 'honest' about what you say. Not balancing them out or only saying the bad points but giving the true story. To understand who the person really was we need to know their true story. We never find out that story but at the time of the death it is the only story worth telling. Many Christians have rejected the idea as blasphemy. However, I had and hope to continue to be the "Speaker for the dead" in my community. I finished my first speaking last week. It was a very moving experience and literally half the village turned up to watch. But I would like to see what people think of these radical ideas. I would like to continue. But should I?