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Thread: Some odd snippets for GT heat 2 seminar with Jervis Johnson

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    Some odd snippets for GT heat 2 seminar with Jervis Johnson

    Jervis kindly delivered a seminar in Bugman's on Saturday night, and after running through the new releases for january (and February?) he was open to questions. With regard to most 'further out than the next two months' questions he stated that it was impossible to say what would come out when.

    That said, he would not confirm that Phil Kelly is working on the Guard book.

    He stated that the plan is to now work to a 4-6 year period of renewal for the codexes and army books. As in Canada a few months ago he reiterated that if they get ahead then new stuff can come in, but only if they are on course with the existing books. He sounded genuine in this to my mind.

    I asked about the rumoured combined/not combined Inquisition book. What he stated was that Witch Hunters and Daemonhunters will remain seperate army lists, that they remain part of the planned 4-6 year edition life cycle, and that the focus will shift towards the militant chambers for each rather than the emphasis being on the Inquisitors. He indicated that the emphasis came from the fact that they were working on Inquisitor at around the same time and basically got a bit carried away.

    I brought up the wargear/weapon discrepencies for identical wargear across different codexes. He may have misconstrued my question because he defended it by citing different points costings, but didn't offer any hope of resolution when I clarified my question as in essence they (GW) see it as too big an undertaking to create such consistency (I may be misquoting Jervis, and apologies if I am, but that felt like the gist of the response).

    Besides Griff Oberwald upcoming (SG I know, but bear with me) he indicated that there is no planned renewed support for Specialist Games at this time, which obviously has an impact on the 40K realted elements.

    So a lot of what we know or believe we know, but the Inquisition bit of confirmation and allusion to direction shift interested me.
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