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Well, it needs a place to blossom ideas and really cultivate the collective thought process of the Dakka community, so I only thought it appropriate to put it in a more appropriate place!

For those not in the know, =][=munda is a unique mix of role playing and Necromunda style combat on the tabletop, with heavy influence on a story driven campaign system. There are many different takes (already!) on the rules/mix, but the general idea is all the same, get into the gritty gothic 40k universe have some real fun!

Feel free to post links, share ideas, list concerns, come up with rules sets and just about anything else that has to do with this great movement!

For starters here is a set of =][=munda modeling threads to whet your appetite:

Jade Vessel - an =I=munda Blog

=I=munda Ad-Mech

CMDante's =I=munda Blog - Blood Pact Gang

Xan´s =I=Munda Campaign: Of Dark Places and Shady Characters

Last of the Mezzan (Malika's potential =][=munda madness)

Rules Resources:

Necromunda Rules

Dark Eldar

I would really like to start organizing rules sets/methods of play that people are using for a possible article web set up to really help boost awareness of the 'revolution' that seems to be happening!

So please post your ideas here and be sure to check out the great threads above for inspiration! Don't forget to leave a few comments while you're checkin out the amazing modeling too ^_-...
I simply took over Grey_Death's post since it seems most fitting. So lets discuss some ideas we have here on the matter and so on. I'll try to exchange ideas and such between Warseer and DakkaDakka.