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    KaldCB's paint log

    Hallo, welcome to my paint log.

    I have tried paint logs before, but i always have problem painting the same thing for a long time, so this time it will be a more generic paint log for all my projects.

    First up, the compulsory pictures.

    My work station.

    And my cat.

    Since this log is starting to get a little old, i have updated the first pictures here with my latest tournament army's.

    There is allot of different stuff in this log, and i don't post pictures of everything i paint, if you want to see more pictures of a particularly model or army, just leave a response here. And I will try to upload some more.

    Invasion army 2009
    Imperial guard mechanized platoon

    Invasion army 2010
    Space wolves land raider army

    ETC Montreux 2011
    Space wolves army

    Invasion army 2011
    Deathwing dual land raider army.

    Winter wars 2012
    Deathwing army with predator/speeder support

    Arcon 2014
    Dark angels land raider army.

    I appreciate comments & criticism.
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