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Thread: Titan heights and 40k scale

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    Titan heights and 40k scale

    I think that it's about time titan size and scale in 40k was hammered out. I use two sources for the height of the titans.

    In False Gods, the Imperator Titan Dies Irae is specifically stated as being 43m tall. (p18)
    We have models for the Reaver (16" tall) and the Warhound (10.5" tall).

    Comparing these figures to the rest of 40k, an Imperial Guardsman stands 1.25" tall when upright, and a space marine stands 1.5" tall when upright.
    The average white male height in the UK is 1.77m. A space marine is also approximately 2.2m tall.

    Scaled by these references, a warhound is 7 space marines high, or 14.4m tall. A Reaver is 10.6 marines or 23.5m tall.
    Thus a Reaver is just over half the height of an Imperator as stated in False Gods, which seems consistent with proportions given in the background. Therefore in 40k, an Imperator is 29" tall.

    We have no official model for a warlord, but the proportions can be worked out relative to a Reaver. Lexicanum states a Reaver at 40-50m tall, and a warlord is 60m tall. Rejecting the absolute figures as not consistent with False Gods or the FW models, a warlord is between 1.2 and 1.5 times taller than a Reaver, or between 19" and 24" tall. The mid value is 22.5", or 33m tall.

    Thus we have:
    Warhound 10.5", 14.4m
    Reaver 16", 23.5m
    Warlord 22.5", 33m
    Imperator 29", 43m

    These figures are internally consistent both with tabletop 40k and with False Gods.
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