Went for an "all your eggs in one basket" approach. That being said I think the list is fairly rock solid.


Spellweaver (general)
*Lore of Beasts*
- level 4
- Rhymers harp
- An annoyance of nettlings
= 350pts

Spell Singer
*Lore of Athel Loren*
- Level 2
- Dispel Scroll
- Calaingors Staff
= 175pts

Noble (BSB)
- Oaken armour
= 140pts


12 Glade Guard
= 144pts

11 Glade Guard
*spell singer here*
= 132pts

8 Drayds
= 96pts


28 Eternal Guard
*Spellweaver + BSB here*
- Full command
- Warbanner
= 391pts


= 285pts

= 285pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1998pts

Casting Dice = 8
Dispel Dice = 5 + 1 Scroll

The list is a twist on a stubborn guard tactic. Most people expect to see a highbord, however taking the spellweaver gives me a lot more flexibility in the magic phase. Bears anger and beast cowers can be game winning spells if used correctly.

The noble bsb makes the guard stubborn giving me three nasty stubborn units supported by the re-rolls of the bsb.

The list lacks a little mobility so I'm hoping the archers/dryads can keep things off my flanks.

I debated not taking the nettlings on my weaver and instead taking a bound item (most likely befuddlement). However I think the protection that the nettlings offer combined with the 5+ ward are essential in keeping the weaver alive.

Anyone have any suggestions on making the list better?

Time of Madness