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Thread: BoyMilla's log of this and that!

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    BoyMilla's log of this and that!

    EDIT, thought I'd add a list into this log to help me see at a glance what I've finished and what I've still got to get done!
    Painting List
    Not sarted

    WH 40K
    Space Marines, Black Consuls,
    • Tactcal Sqaud 1
    • Tactical Squad 2
    • Assault Squad
    • Devastator Squad
    • Land Speeder
    • Command Squad
    • Commander
    • Set of Black Reach marines

    • Farseer
    • Dire Avengers
    • Wave Serpent
    • Guardian Squad 1
    • Guardian Squad 2
    • Wraithguard Squad
    • Wraithlord
    • Falcon
    • Warp Spiders
    • Phoenix Court of Khaine
    • 2 Vypers
    • Wraithguard
    • Wraithknight
    • Spiritseer

    Blood Bowl
    • Human Team
    • Night Goblin Team

    Super Dungeon Explore
    • SDE 1st edition
    • Forgotten King
    • Caverns of Roxor
    • Captain R
    • Goro
    • Claws of the Wyrm warband
    • Emerald Valley warband
    • Mistmourn Coast warband

    Ninja All Stars
    • Clan Yamazaru
    • Clan Tanchyo
    • Clan Ijin
    • Clan Ika
    • Lots of Ronin

    EDIT over,

    Hello all,

    Well, here goes! Just signed up to warseer, looking for some motivation to get on with some of the projects I've got on the bench.

    I'll start with a few pics of my most recent work. Human Blood Bowl team,

    Team shot,


    Thrower and catchers,


    I'm not joking, I've had these models for at least ten years, started painting them 2 years ago and in the last week finally motivated myself to finish them.
    I think these boys are destined for ebay as I have no use for them, loooong time since I played BB.

    My next goal is to finish a converted Night goblin BB team (again about ten years in progress).
    I'll post again with some WIP's of them.

    In the future gonna be painting a wide variety of things (all GW tho). I'll post again with an exhaustive list of all the models I want to get done!

    Thanks for looking!

    C&C is very welcome!

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