Some of you know me from TOFP as the guy doing both chaos dwarfs and tzeentch warriors. I've recently decided to start a log here to show my progress. So here's what i'm working on at the moment.
Chaos knights for my warriors.

Hope to finish the blue armour and gold areas before the month is over.
(from the top down) A bullcentaur, 3 normal chaos dwarf warriors, 4 chaos dwarfs with blunderbussers, and 8 chaos dwarf warriors with great weapons with unit champ. and standard bearer for my chaos dwarfs.

I have a little more GS work on three blunderbussers and a lot of painting to do.

Along with these two projects i'll be building a 2000 point army of daemons for a paint and play thats taking place at my gamming group that will bw taking place over the next three months starting January. I wont be doing a normal army though. As one of my previous posts hints to i'll be doing a cthulhu monster themed army. Here's what I figure i'll have be what:
Lord of change=Cthulhu

Great Unclean One=Shub'Niggurath

Keeper of secerts=Dagon

Plaguebearers=Deep ones



Furies=Night gaunts

Flesh Hounds=Hounds of Tindalos

Screamers=Flying Polyps

Plague Beast=Shoggoth


Feind of Slaanesh=Leng Spider

Note: I know I don't have every single creature from the Lovecraft universe but I can only include so much.

Here's the first thing i'm working on. Deep ones.

So far they've been made from saurus warrior heads and bloodletter bodies. They will be reciving GS pot bellies and necks. Not so sure how to do the arms though. I should have more pics of them tommarrow.

Other stuff i'll be working on is Nyarlathotep as a herald of tzeentch and gug as sson as I get my hands on some proper bitz.

I'm also working on commission work as well. Here's a BFSP troll i'm working on at the moment that I will sell to a customer who i've been painting empire stuff recently.