I started paining up some of the Wargames Factory Caesarian Romans. I was going to just add them into the plog I started a few weeks ago with some Celts from Wargames Foundry and Warlord Games, but couldn't seem to change the title. So new plog it is and I will use this as a catch-all for Roman period stuff.

I've got the first part of a more in depth review of the WF Romans on my blog (link in my sig), but here's the pics of the first four "tprototype" figures:

A bit of a confession... I was going to do the shields as something besides the cliche red, but I somehow just put my brain on autopilot and painted them up as above, and afterwards thought to myself, "hey... wasn't I going to paint them some other color..." But that's fine, it adds a bit of zing to what would otherwise be all neutral colors. I suppose I could go back and paint over them with blue or some other color. I'm not sure if I'm going to add any imagery to the shields or leave them plain.