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    WAAAGH!!! Festwazza

    Hi folks,

    Tired of losing with my Guard, I decided to start a new army for 40K: ORKS! My wife chosen them, cause they looked ugly and funny. (I tried to interest her into the hobby and this army is getting made for her to play against me... anyway I will use it too).

    I got AoBR box, of course, but before this I got a bunch of unpainted orks models from a guy.

    For now the roughly 1000 pts army list looks like (edited 12th feb. 2009):
    - Big boss on bike
    - 5 Nobz on bike
    - 3x 12 boyz + nob + klaw + totem + trukk + RPJ + armor bitz

    Please post any thoughts, critics and comments!
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    the Emperor sends us forth...

    WAAAGH!!! Festwazza pleaze chek!!

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