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Thread: Redstar goes Khroney!! Scratch Built Khrone Super Heavies WIP Loggy

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    Exclamation Redstar goes Khorney!! Scratch Built Khorne Super Heavies WIP Loggy

    Hello everyone!

    This commission has been a LONG time coming so what better way to send it off then with a WIP loggy that will show the scratch build from start to finish.

    Ill try and keep it as updated as possible and not pull a WIP thread that by the 4th post is completed. Although, it may happen

    First up will be the weapon arm. Its still very much WIP and needs alot of work but its taking shape. I plan to have alot more bass strings with the wires as well as some "armor wiring". Im also debating on adding smaller rivets all around it.

    So far the plan is to have it with a warhound style body and really only change the weapon arms and head. Mainly because the client wants to run it as either the warhound or the lord of battle. I gues it really depends on if he is facing other titans or not. In the end there will be other Khonr e super heavies such as a Tower of SKulls and eventually a Banelord.

    Updates will be random but do expect this first weapon arm done sometime in the next day or 2. So until then, im very open to suggestions, good or bad.

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