Hello friends,
we are couple of enthusiasts who, back in 1997, started to create scenic pieces for our own gaming table. As time passed, our skills evolved and the projects became more and more complex and challenging. We decided to undertake a big project of building entire city.
When constructing buildings, we always want them to look as close to a real life as possible. We are actually building our stone walls, stone by stone, as in real life. It's very time consuming, but worth the effort. It's the only way to achieve the natural look of a stone wall!

For starters, here is our first model: Guard Tower (height: 38cm; width: 12cm)

It's made of stone, wood and GS, then molded in silicone rubber and cast in resin.

Here are some WIP pictures:

We are working on some other projects like Medieval Inn, Blacksmith, BellTower...

Coments and sugestions are very welcome to keep us going

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