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Thread: Arbite, traitors, and whatever else i feel

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    Arbite, traitors, and whatever else i feel

    hoy hoy, thought id finally get log of my own started, maybe it will provide me with some motivation to actually finish an army or project for once
    thanks to a.....friend...ive recently aquired a good many of the old arbite figures at a good price:

    count comes in at 9 bolter armed, 4 shotguns, one sarge, 1 nade launcher. (you may also spot a mole mortar and tarantula, got those as well....well...i got Two tarantulas, but only opened one)
    hopefully in the coming weeks, ill be posting shots of these guys with a little paint on them

    oh yes, i mentioned traitors, after being insipered, first by dante, then by g.hawke, ive decided to take a crack at a small bloodpact force myself, although im not very good with the greenstuffing as yet, so probably no grotuesges or anything like that for a while, whipped up a few test minis:

    first, a sarge test model:

    and an at-70 tank (based off of g.hawkes):

    and finally, a mystery mini, i have no clue what he is,
    i got him with the arbite above, and was told he might be a judge of some sort, but he dosent really look or "feel" very...arbite-ey to me:

    and....thats it for now really

    quick edit: i am VERY open to suggestions as far as paintschemes, etc, so any advice, pass it on
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