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Thread: 467th / 752nd Krieg Independent Night Fighting Reg.

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    467th / 752nd Krieg Indep. Night Fight. Reg. "Uhu"

    Right, i have several little threads going, and i hope this one will be my serious attempt to have big thread.

    My first pic on the board: enjoy, as i do.
    As you all can see, i used a Sdkfz 222 as a basis for a light armoured scout vehicle, i equipped it with a Lascannon and an Autocannon, thanks to spare parts of a friend. I have a 2nd vehicle in progress with the same weapon config, the 3rd i wanted to give a different weapon config, but not sure yet what weapons, and the command vehicle will be a Sdkfz 221, with the big areal on it and smaller turret. A unit of 3 +1.
    My idea is to incorporate this unit with a marine force based on siege/ night fighting, in addition to creating background fluff for this unit, i have also started a thread on the Desert Lions chapter, but i digress

    This Regiment's background fluff:
    When the Desert Lions chapter demanded for Imp.Guard backup and Naval support to ship said Imp.Guard to their sector, they were answered by a officer of Krieg. The officer assured them that the Regiments of Krieg could supply the amount of weapons and guard that were needed for the campaign the Marines had in mind. He lied a little, as the Officer in question had only several broken and half strength regiments under his command.
    Those regiments had been amalgamated into the 467th / 752nd, and were not specialized at that time in anything but surviving.
    Equipped with several units of Malcadors, and some old Leman Russes, the regiment was understrength to say the least.
    The Marine commanders did not mind this, and saw that the guard officer was as loyal to the emperor and his teachings as any marine, they accepted the offer, for they could not wait to long with their planned campaign, they did however put in another request at the Adeptus Minutorium (sp?, and it is the right one?) for additional manpower from Krieg.
    To get the units they received straight away into a coherent fighting force, they decided to specialize them further then their basic doctrines were.
    While the marines could see good in the night with all the augmented vision and systems in their armour, the imp guard could not, and it was then decided that equipment to compensate for that would have to be made by the chapters forges. The techmarines managed to design a small fast 4 wheeled scout vehicle that bore some heavy weaponry and incorporated some night fighting systems which they made.
    The chapter has made trade agreements with both Accatran and Stratix as both are forge worlds and have requested huge amounts of materials and recruits for both the PDF’s and the possible new recruits for the chapter itself and backup for the Krieg regiment involved. So far, the demands have been met. The marine forges have also been active repairing a lot of the Malcadors so that the strength of the imp.guard is boosted to sufficient levels.
    The Marine chapter has awarded the regiment with the rights to build home on one of planets after the system is cleansed of all the Orkoids.
    So far of all the 7 planets now 5 are clear and 1 is being implemented for living by the Krieg Regiments and any supporting units.
    Basic layout of the regiment(aka wishlist):
    3+1 Scout Vehicles (Tzigone)
    1 Malcador + 2 Valdor's
    3 Leman Russ variants, based on Pzkpfw IV

    Will edit!, more on its way.
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    Have a look at my Combined Krieg/ Ryzan Husarz-Grenadiers attempt:
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