Welcome to my painting log. Since my son (10) started playing we've acquired quite a few armies that need to be painted. Hopefully the log will help us progress, and in the process pick up some tips and ideas from more experienced painters.

Just for the record we don't play 40K, but use the No Limits rule set, but we use mostly GW minis.

Any constructive feed back is always appreciated.

First up is my Nid Brood.

I've always liked Nids since I first bought Space Hulk (Yep, the original, way back in the day). But I never liked the shooty bugs. So here is my attempt at an almost exclusively Close Combat Brood (hive, nest, whatever).

I wanted my 'stealers to look like they were related to the rest of my troops so I'm adding some back plates. Also is a few shots of my Warrior's they remind me of the old Screamer/killer models.