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Thread: Browncastle`s Dune Lords, and some Greenguys

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    Browncastle`s Worldeaters (during heresy)

    Ive restarted this army/tread again, go to page 2 for newer stuff....

    Hello my name is..

    My first Warseer Log, Ill try to keep up the phase as, I started the day with making a white box, so after months of technological dark ages. Its almost to easy now.

    WiP: My version of the 2008 gamesday mini(thunderhammer-captain), Ive allready used him as Sorcerer of slaanesh, Lord of slaanesh with deamon weapon, and Noise marine champion.

    This miniature and my take on it Inspired how I dow into the CSM this time around. The Sheme is freshly converted, and Desert Warfare (As we havent seen enought of that the last years)

    Next Up No0b biker

    This is my second target, Id love to comission an army of these, I only got a regular unit of 3 ready. But It was enjoyable experience painting some orks for once. Ill post up the hole unit tomorrow.

    Good morning
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