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Thread: Three armies in One Saim Hann 40K BFG Epic

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    Three armies in One Saim Hann 40K BFG Epic

    Unless I pick a paint scheme that I can do really quickly my projects tend to freeze where I give up before finishing them.

    I have decided on doing a Saim Hann Eldar force as I have painted two Eldar armies for other people now and over the process I have become quite fond of them.

    So that I can paint them quickly and easily I decided to spray on the red as otherwise it takes me ages to get a nice smooth undercoat. I am using Testors Spray Enamel 1250 Flat Red as a base coat, the cans are tinney but I managed to almost completely spray my Epic and 40K armies with two cans. I'll need one more can to finish off the remaining 9 epic tanks and spray the BFG ships.

    For the aspect warriors I will be alternating between white and black undercoats depending on the paint scheme. These will probably be much slower paint schemes but I am hoping that I'll be able to keep myself motivated with them as I don't really have to paint very many of each type.

    This is the assembled army ready to go with painting, the combination of a dozen or so BS&S transactions over the last couple of years. With most of the stuff undercoated and ready to go.

    I magnatised all the weapon mounts and placed either a section of paperclip or a magnet in each of the weapons (depending on how they are mounted) so that I can give each vehicle every single weapons option. The Wraith Lord is magnatised at the waist and I have made 4 different arms for him that can have all the weapons interchanged as well as being able to mount weapons on its shoulders.

    The big red pile in frount of the epic army is all of the Jetbikes.

    Giving the red a wash of Devian Mud, Blacklining with the new black ink and highlighting with red and orange comes out like this.

    It takes a little longer than I was hoping for because of all the gems that need highlighting but I am pretty happy with it as it looks good for the amount of time spent.
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