like you could have guessed it are orks.

so the idea of this project log is 1 thing DUTCH GRAND TOURNAMENT 2009.

last year i painted my army in 6 hours and got 2 painting point from ( i think ) 40 available so that has to change.

this year i ame going with orks.
i loved the model from kaptin badrukk since i saw it a few monthes ago and wanted to paint it so the army is build around kaptin badrukk with 10 flash gitz in a ship form battlewagon.
the troops are a warboss with 5 nobz ( troops ) in a battlewagon * 2 and a few gertchin kinda like a meatshield ( 40 wil do )
so the army will be painted in a cartoonish kind of way so very bright and rough.

i got some first photo's from KAPTIN BADRUKK

next a warboss or some nobz.