I am kinda new to the on line thing but here goes..............
First to the thread will be my Chaos Space Marines.

Chaos Lord w/ Terminator Armour, Combi-melta and Chainfist (Plastic lord)

Chaos Sorcerer w/ Mark of Nurgle, Daemonic steed, Familiar, Nurgles rotand wind of chaos (Epidemius' Palanquin adn converted sorcerer)

Chaos Terminators X 4 w/ Champion X 4, Power Fist X 2, Chain Fist, Heavy Flamer, Combi Weapon X 2 Land Raider w/ Extra Armour, Dirge Caster and Havoc Launcher

Dreadnaught X 2 w/ Plasma cannon(forge world) Heavy Flamer, Extra Armour, Twin Linked Las-cannon(forge world), Missile Launcher(forge world) and Extra Armour. ( Dread #1 is Plastic sarcoughagous type w/ pilot modeled inside, Dread #2 is Iron Warriors Forge world)


Plague Marines X 10 w/Champ., Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun X 2, Rhino w/ Dozer Blade and Extra Armour (These will be my first attempt at sculpting anything signifigant, These will be used till I get the Forge World Death Guard)

Berzerkers X 8 w/ Skull Champ., Power Fist, Plasma Pistol X 2, Melta Bombs, Rhino w/ Dozer Blade(scratch built snow blower like contraption), Extra Armour and Havoc Launcher.

Chaos Marines(Iron Warriors) X 10 w/ Champ, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Flamer, Melta Gun, Rhino w/ Extra armour and Dozer Blade.

Chaos Marines(Iron Warriors) X 10 w/ Champ., Power Fist, Melta Bombs, Autocannon, Plasma Gun, Rhino w/ Extra Armour and Dozer Blade


Chaos Biker X 8 w/ Champ., Icon of Khorne and Melta Bombs.(Bikes and riders all Khorned up)

Chaos Rapters w/ Champ., Lightening Claws, Melta Bombs, Icon of Khorne and Flamer X 2.


Vindicator w/ Extra Armour, Twin-linked Bolter, Dirge Caster and Deamonic Possesion.(Forge World Up-grade w/Iron Warriors doors)

Predator w/ Twin-linked Lascannons, Sponson Lascannons, Dozer Blade, Extra Armour, Twin-linked Bolter and Daemonic Possesion.(Forge World Iron Warriors front plate)

List is subject to change, I will be posting Pics as soon as I figure out how.

Any imput along the way will be appreaciated.:chrome: