Well...if you thought that most physics-theachers are boring, rational individuals it is time to rivise that. My physics theacher is known to belive in the existence (and appearance) of aliens. Aditionally one of his relatives is supposed to see dead people an other had a confrontantion with aliens. But the later two are not of inportance right now.
The deal is, I'm currently working on a class-journal that will be distributed at our last day of school in 2 weeks. So I want to include an interview-like article with the said theacher. As not many know of his passion to aliens, it will surely be fun.
I'm out of questions however. And therefore I need your help. If you have any quesions about aliens, basic, scientific, humorious etc. (of any kind) please post it; although the whole thing sounds ridiculus, I'd like to ask for serious questions and not only jokes. I will include some of them in the journal and also put the answers up here. Thanks a lot in advance.