Hi guy I'm new to the forum so let me first show you want I can do. I've got 2 armies completed at the moment one of which has won best army at Open War but for now I'll show you my 2nd project...
The Darkmakers!

The last 4 of a once loyal chapter of marines called ‘The Light Bearers’ with the power to heal any wound, now a group of powerful immortal chaos champions who have the power to animate the dead led by the Deamon Prince Sharazad: Keeper Of The Dead they lay siege to the Imperium with an army of fallen Ultramarines.


I came up with many concepts for Sharazad originally he was a chaos lord riding a wave of skeletons (Original Model) I was tempted for a time to have the soul grinder deamon riding this wave. But in the end I choose to use the Bela’kor model, combined with the Inquisitor scale robes and skeleton shield he looks the part for a leader of a necromantic chaos army.

Rokhan & Terminators
Considering I was using Death Guard rules I had to have a unit of toughness 5 terminators. Using some of terminators from my old space marine army and with a bit of drilling and scratching I was able to create the look I wanted.
I wanted all of the Darkmakers to have their own unique look compared to each other, ‘the Juggernaut’ from the Xmen comics was the inspiration for Rokhan’s appearance I wanted him to look like he could run through a squad of marines without a problem. He is my favourite Darkmaker out the 4.


Korell & the Undead Sprits
Korell was the first Darkmaker I made at a ‘Space Marine Conversion Day’ at my local GW that was where the idea for undead marines started, I went for the all wise and mysterious look for him. The Sprits were a late edition to the army after the new chaos codex came out and I saw that the thousand sons had a AP3 gun and a 4+ invulnerable I couldn’t stop thinking about a unit of Undead sprits. I made them look pre-heresy with a combo of Black Templar and Dark Angel bits to make them look ancient; painting them was a long and tiresome process. Space Marine player love them. Lol

The Darkmakers
Sindri: I love Japanese warriors so I wanted to go with a samurai look for one of my Darkmakers which was easy with marauder, dark angel and several other bits.
Zaceria: Originally the model for my Deamon Prince I changed him into a Raptor champion and gave him a classic chaos jumpback, but after a few games my very expensive 300pt raptors was giving very little back so I ripped off their jumpbacks and split my 2 squads of 10 zombies into 3 squads of 8. They’re much better this way plus his original cloak was timeconsuming to create.
Rokhan: My terminators are for 2000pt games but he is too good not to feature in 1500pt games so I use him as a champion with a Powerfist.

The Ultrazombies
Like I’ve already mentioned the project started at a Games Workshop Space Marine conversion day where I converted a squad of undead marines in the time it took two lots of people to make their squads, neverless I won the best squad award. This is the only army when I’ve spend more time converting then painting but the battle damage was worth it as it has given them a interesting look. In games I use them as Death Guard as their ‘feel no pain’ rule and slow speed make them perfect for representing my zombies. I choose Ultramarines because most people dislike that chapter in general since I started playing 2 months ago I’ve had people praise me for making an undead Ultramarine army or as a young kid called them ‘Ultrazombies’. I call games against Ultramarine players ‘A Recruitment Drive’ mission.

Now when it came to converting the vehicles I wasn’t sure what to do with them should they be chaos and belong to the Darkmaker or be looted loyal tanks? In the end I choose to keep them looking loyal adding battle damage and scars but not too much to the point where they just won’t work, therefore my army would be able to stroll into an imperial city posing as a defeated Ultramarine force before giving the population a surprise attack!

The more powerful the tank the less real damage for example the Land Raider has only a few scrapes and wasn’t really destroyed by as you can see someone got in through the top hatch and killed the crew.

My favourite is the Rhino where I modeled the exploded passenger compartment; you can see the hole where the shell went through on the side.

The army can hold it's own against most armies and I'm currently working on a Chaos Dread tag team for a tournament in april.
I also plan to do a comic to explain their background.

So what do you think?