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    Dispelling Ideas

    Rolling 2 or more 6's with your casting attempt normally makes the spell Irresistable, and rolling 2 or more 6's will automatically dispel anything but IF spells. My idea would be to allow dispel 6's to be able to dispell IF spells, with a caveat, that their number of 6's required would have to exeed the number of 6's rolled for the spell. So if the spell rolled 2 sixes and became IF, then the dispell roll would have to roll 3 or more 6's to dispell it.

    I'd also like to see Dispelling made more personal, and more dangerous for all by singling out the characters involved in their battles of wills. When choosing to dispell, you must choose the character capable of doing so (who must generate Dispell dice). If an army has no Wizards, or dispell dice generating figures, then the General can act as one, If the attempt succeeds, the spell fails, and the Wizard takes a Sx hit, where x is equal to the difference between the casting roll and the dispell roll, and if the dispell attempt fails, the model who attempted to dispel takes the Sx hit.

    Maybe even work in a bit of rules allowing the wizard to throw another dice or two to power up the spell in response to a large dispell attempt.

    GW is welcome to use these ideas in the next edition of Warhammer, just contact me
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