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    GW Mega Battle Contest

    Hey guys,

    I was at our GW, playing 40k (don't boo me yet) and a redshirt tells me there will be a warhammer "mega battle campaign". And asks me (and my buddy) if we would like to join. We both say sure (since we can use store models).

    This is basicly it:

    Make a 250 pt squad with 1 champion (no more, no less and no characters) and no magic items (you gain those with EXP and gold). The champion represents you. I decided to be unique and be the ONLY shooty thing on the table (a red shirt told me to use sea guard). Long story short, being used to 6" charges in 40k, I got attacked by some lizardmen riding cold ones with a 20(!)" charge range. I also failed miserably, and was rolling really low (I shot, 5 shots, 4 ones and 1 6 then a 1 to wound and next turn hit with 3 shots, woulded with 1 and he passed his armour save(-.-). Then I got Lizacharged, lost a few guys, ran away and DIDN'T get run down, got charged again, lost all but 2 models, got run down, never inflicting a wound(he never even had to roll for his armour saves).

    My buddy did worse, his khorne chaos warriors got run down by iron breakers on the first close combat on turn 2. (I loled but he Loled right backa t me, at least he killed 1, I only ever forced 1 armour save (which he passed).

    I know a bit of fantasy, I would qualify myself below average but I would like to know what to take enxt mega battle (Instead of gaining EXP and money, I get to use a new squad since my guys got massacred.)

    This is where I leech a bit of your "proness" (not porness "PRO"ness):P.

    I'd like to know what would you guys suggest to me for the next megabattle?



    EDIT: Also, 20 models, max and only 1 squad.
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