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    Nephilim needs terrain....

    Well, let's see if I can keep one post short and sweet this time. I have been wanting to do up some terrain for the past six months or so, but never really got into gear. With the new year, I figured it was time to make a few resolutions; first, finish the ToFP (which I really should be doing right now...). Second, paint at least twice as many models as I did last year. Third, make some scenery, which is where this comes into play.

    My main armies right now are O&G and Dwarves, so they will be what I am focusing on. Also, I like to do things on the cheap, so saving money always helps. Lastly, because my Plog is not the quickest out there, this might not be updated very frequently, but we shall see how that goes. Enough talk, here are some orc things I am currently working on:

    First was something simple I decided to do while bored. The item on the left is a trophy/shrine for my orcs I am painting, while the one on the right is a simple war totem (perhaps used to mark territory).



    Very simple and cheap. Plan on doing quite a few of these just for random variation, and their small size means they won't really get in the way of gaming too much.

    Now, the 'bigger' project that I am working on is a fightin' pit. I have wanted to do one ever since Ogres came out, but I am horrible at cutting plasticard, and could never think of a good base, until I bought one of these on the cheap:

    So, I set to work. Disclaimer: I do not recommend this for anyone....I went through 3 x-acto blades just cutting this hill up, and the saw did not fair much better. These things are annoyingly tough. I figured I would cut out the 'hill' section, saving the top for a later project (and saving money!), place some plasticard underneath for a base, and, well, turn it into this:

    The general outline is now in place, so I will be adding some bitz later to flesh it out and make it more 'orcy'. The main issue I had with this was the hill itself (read above), and that I must find a better way to do the dowel rods than sharpening each one by hand. Seriously, this thing is now a weapon in its own right. I plan on making a gate similar to the one shown for the Ogres in the WD, but I am unsure whether to leave the interior mostly 'clean' (just sand), or throw in some wacky blades and such, more like a gladatorial pit you would see in a game. Alright, enough talk.

    Comments, critiques, and criticisms are always welcomed, and I appriciate any advice anyone is willing to give. Expect so more updates later in the next few days (in between frantic ToFP painting, that is!)

    EDIT: I knew this was too short.... I also forgot to mention that once a few of the projects are out of the way, my main plan is to use the old 6th edition chart for generating terrain to establish what I will work on next (i.e. Orcs list and Dwarves list, respectively), so hopefully that will not only give me a varied amount, but also keep me going.
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