Personally I have much more fun when I have a teammate when playing 40k. I like how it changes the dynamics of a game, 1000 points of marines and 1000 points of gaurd against 1000 points of chaos and 1000 points of daemons makes for some interesting and fluffy battles.

Working out a plan with a teammate and actually implementing that plan successfully can be a challange and it think it adds something to the game. The implementation of units from different armies on two seperate FoC's also makes for some great situations that you can't replicate in a 1v1 game of 40k.

I know alot of people in my group of friends simply hate 2v2 games, they like have complete control of their side of the table and do not enjoy the limitatations 2v2 presents.

What do you think? 2v2 yay or nay?