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    Wise words!

    In memory of "the basement", and the greatness that we will never be able to recreate down there.

    Two day straight splurges of Warhammer 40K. 8 people in a basement. 10 at one point. Those who weren't gaming were playing "James Bond" or "Perfect Dark" multi player death matches on N64. If you weren't doing that you were on John's beyond slow computer trying to construct an army list for your next two hour game. Every night around 6 Wojcik's mother would serve 6 or 8 guys fresh cooked homemade Polish food. Every morning we'd be treated to a fresh cooked breakfast. In between all of that we would consume mountains of pizza rolls and "Big Fizz" (99cents for 3 liters) soda.

    The table was big. Maybe 8x4? It was packed with terrain. Factories, mountains, burned out wrecks of tanks... then off to the side was rulebooks. Piles of rulebooks. Dice. Half eaten slices of pizza, and army composition lists. Models lay scattered through out the room, but on the board itself were pounds of plastic miniatures fighting with every ounce of strength the most holy emperor or most reviled chaos god could give them. Epic battles between Marines, Orks, Eldar, Chaos Legions, Imperial Guards and countless other creatures of Games Workshop's imagination.

    And we enjoyed it. Wasting our summer days in some basement when we could have been out trying to ***** random sluts or do some equally retarded thing that teenagers of that age would have been trying to do.

    Instead we battled with little plastic men and dice. We invented. Dick and Plesca. Dick is in the Marine Corps fighting in Iraq now. Plesca is a fratboy who does coke. But Dick and Plesca were inventors. They inspired the rest of us. We made our own battle bots with six foot splurts of homemade napalm, we held gladiatorial combat way before jackass popularized it with youth, we built homemade guns and fired home forged bullet's through John's basement walls.

    Then after a few days we'd go home, clean up, get more money, spend the day with our family, and make the voyage into geekdom once more.

    I miss those days :/

    by thanitus
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