Today I glanced through the latest WD in library, and noticed the two pages covering all the bits in the new plastic stegadon - and there seems to be a stonking lot of them. While I personally might have a slight preference for the look of the old steggie (a bit closer to historical dinos, while the new one has more fantasy elements), I have to admit that the new stegadon kit seems to produce a one big and impressive model, with lots of conversion possibilities.

However, that raises the issue of what conversion possibilities there are beyond the regular lizardman uses (which are already several). Some that I am aware of are listed below.

1.) Chaos warshrine (WoC): this was first suggested by some folks in the rules forum. Replace the skinks with chaos warriors/marauders, and add the usual array of chaos elements (icons, gory trophies, spikes, shields, skulls, tentacles, spawn bits, slaaneshi cultists having a wild orgy ets.) and throw in a suitable paint job, and the ruinous powers should favour you!

2.) Empire steam-o-don: fresh from the steampunk forges of Imperial Engineering College, this mechanical stegadon will be trialled as a substitute for the steam tank. To build yours, build an armoured gun turret on the howdah, add a few exhaust pipes for the hot steam, and perhaps an engineer somewhere. Paint in a metallic colour, eg. bronze, but remember to first read that Jules Verne book with mechanical elephant.

3.) Empire steam-war-altar-o-don: trialled by the more radical followers of Sigmar, the new steam-o-don variant will carry them to battle to trample their enemies. On the howdah, build an altar for Sigmar, attended by a preaching warrior priest. For further flavour, add some flagellants engaged in the act of self-martyrisation by various gross but imaginative means.

4.) Dark elf war lizard, for those druchii too poor to afford a multi-headed hydra.

As a side result, you are likely to end up with some spare skink crew models that you can swap/donate to local lizardman players.

I guess WH40K players might also find some wild uses for the model, but these are better discussed somewhere else.