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Thread: Command & Conquer Poll

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    Command & Conquer Poll

    I was taking a break from converting and painting Tau / Orks and figures and playing Command & Conquer 3, and as a longtime fan of the franchise I decided to dig out some plastic Cadian bits from an old commission job and mocked up two quick little concept models based off what images I could find of the respective infantry for the Brotherhood of NOD and the Global Defence Initiative. I don't normally paint regular human minis so I figured I might amuse myself by converting up a little IG or Inquisition force into Nod or GDI equivalents. So think Baneblade becoming a Mammoth Tank and Hellhound becoming a Flametank, Mutant troopers becoming Ogryn, sergeants becoming Confessors, etc. I used a basic ashy looking terrain with some random bits of tiberium crystal popping out as the theme. And heck, I think they look interesting enough to use as the basis for some storm troopers or a squad of Tau auxilleries maybe.

    Basically I'm trying to decide if it would be more worth my while to build a Nod force or a GDI one I can't promise any great advances or haste with this, and I generally expect I will take forever to make much of them, but I hope you enjoy the pictures at least and voice any opinions on what I could change or improve on. So... C&C (on my C&C3 hehe) welcome.

    The GDI Rifleman. Cadian head and torso, Catachan legs, quick clumsy GSing to change the helm and shoulders. Vague GDI logo added to the forehead of his helm.

    The NOD Soldier. Full Cadian body, quick clumsy GSing to change the helm, give him knee/shoulder pads, and turn bare hands into full leather gloves. Vague Nod symbol added to his right shoulder.
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