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Thread: If you could change a codex what would you change?

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    If you could change a codex what would you change?

    im putting this here but if it needs moved plz do

    ok i was sat reading the large amount of dexs i have and it came to me ' i wish i had the power to change a few things'

    now this is not a thread to start talking about codex that we all know need work ie dark elder, blood angels and space wolfs to name a few as we know these are broke and need massive work

    im talking about that codexs that are new'ish, say 4th ed release

    so heres a few things id like to change for the the codex's i use the most

    Codex space marine

    now this codex is great but the only thing i dont like and would love to change is

    chapter master and captains, now points cost is good but what you can give them is not, id liketo see them get the full marine weopons to use as at the moment they cant have twin lighting claws and things like that or jump packs

    this also leads me to command squads and honour guard as they cant have the same things as the commander ie jump packs bikes terminator armour

    Codex chaos marine

    ok now were to start lol

    this dex is great apart from two things that id love to change one is the choas lords and demon princes as they both need more options and they need a better save other than a 3+ and a 5+ inv

    demons - man they suck and i feel for any word bearers player out there

    the things id like to change is this, id keep the stat line and the points but id add god marks to them to sort of make them fit with themed armys and make them a little better so for khorne give them +1 attack for say 20 points that sort of thing,

    id also do this for the greater demons keep them as they are but giving them marks as well, this i think would make them better but not as hard as the demons from the demon codex


    only thing id change is to add some sort of craftworld option into the list so not all eldar armys are the same

    so there is my idears now for yours

    also if you want add codexs that you would like to see done and any idears that come to mind post them

    and you never know GW might read this and go hay that sounds good but lol that will never happen
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