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  • Khorne

    25 21.55%
  • Nurgle

    40 34.48%
  • Tzeentch

    25 21.55%
  • Slaanesh

    26 22.41%
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Thread: Best mark of chaos

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    Best mark of chaos

    i have been reading the codex for the chaos space marnies and iv been wondering on what other people thought the best mark was. if you dont think that there ise 1 that is better then the rest or that certain ones are only good in certain places, just say which one you use the most. i think the best mark is the Mark of Tzeentch since it gives any unit that has it a 5+ invulnerable or if they do have it, it add +1 to there invulnerable throw. i love this mark since it makes your units not die against power weapons so easyly and makes terminators have a 4+ invulnerable, making them even better against stronger things.

    incase you dont know.
    khorne confers a +1 attack
    Nurgle a +1 T
    slaanesh a +1 I
    tzeentch a +1 invulnerable or a 5+ invulnerable
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