Most of you will have seen this little baby at some point over the weekend, I was and I don't mind admitting that I was (and still am) blown away by it, I'm also extremely interested to see the equivalent vehicles for the other three Chaos Gods.

While reading this thread as is often the case with Forge World, cost came up which is when I was struck with the question, Why haven't FW released a Defiler (or two)? Which naturally leads me to the question:- Would you buy a FW Defiler?

I think this is a potentially awesome prospect, the Defiler Kit's certainly missing a few options and the FW dreadnought range has addressed a similar deficit for that vehicle, so it's not hard to imagine similar support for the Defiler.

Beyond the simple need for filling missing options there's a whole avenue of themed Defilers, ranging from simple add on parts, to conversion kits to entirely new kits (again, a precedent set by the Dreadnoughts), If you like the Brass Scorpion but can't stretch the budget, what about a Defiler sized Mini-me for it (or if you can, a whole gaggle of mini-me's to accompany it)?