I'm just wondering how long people think it will be before the new lizardmen join the ever increasing trend of putting out a serious deathstar list.

On the face of it they seem very capable of it:

Cheap core units so you can get your 3 units in without risking your opponent scoring a win just by killing them.
Plenty of SCs and items that protect and entire unit.

It seems pretty feasible that the lizzies could make a mean deathstar list based around 3 units of skinks (or even MSU saurus), and an uber unit of Temple guard joined by a Slann and a couple of scar vets (possibly including one of both of the saurus SCs).

Any thoughts on this matter?

Also, on a slightly related note, anyone encountered an Archaon deathstar? I've been pondering the idea a bit (in no small way as an excuse to field a buttload of chaos knights). A giant, character packed unit of chaos knights, supported by 3 units of marauder horseman, to help out a bit, and fill those pesky core choices