Well..... I soon will be.

I've decided to start collecting HE so I can get some big games in without fruitlessly expanding my BoC.

I'm thinking of starting off with 1000 points and basing it on the 'Citizen Soldier' armies of the fluff.


1 Noble

1 Mage

2 * 10 Archers

2 * 15 Spearmen

1 * 5 Reavers


Does this seem reasonable to people (I'm really stabbing in the dark)!

I would like to keep the 'Citizen soldier' theme though and not have too many Specials.

I think in expanding to 2K I might fit in a Dragon Mage as I really like him. Another unit of spears, one of archers and a second RBT!?

Any help would be most welcome!