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    SabrX's Project Log

    In celebration of my 1000th post and 201st thread, I've decided to create a project log of all my armies still being built of painted.


    Here I will post pictures and updates of armies I'm currently working on.

    Please bear with me, I'm not an experienced painter like everyone else. I'm open to any advice.

    A little about myself:

    I started playing Warhammer 40,000 in late 2007. My first army was Tau, which I bought and painted 2000 points worth in less then a month. It wasn't anything fancy, just primed black and base Shadow Grey. Later I washed all my models with badab black. I just wanted a complete painted army before I started any long term projects.

    I've cycled through many armies. My first army was Tau. Later on I bought 1500 points of Chaos Space Marines, but sold them. My thirds army Space Marines, but I got sick of playing them. I sold off all my Space Marines except my Terminators, Dreadnought, and Land Raiders, which I used to start a Deathwing army.
    But eventually, I sold my Deathwing Army off as well. My next army was Sisters of Battle. I started out with a conventional mechanized list focused on Exorcist and Battle Sisters. Eventually I expanded to Immolator Spam and later on added Seraphims. As of now, I have roughly 4000 points of Sisters. That's $1,600 USD worth of models. Last summer I bought 2000 points of Eldar off a friend. As of now, the three armies that I own are Tau, Sisters of Battle, and Eldar.

    I'm more of a gamer then an artist. What really got me into Warhammer 40,000 battle top gaming. It's like playing Chess, but better! I spend a lot of time thinking up optimal army lists and searching/analyzing tactics in Tactica Threads. I also apply my new knowledge to games and record battle reports.

    But that's not to say I'm the kind of player who will bring all his/her models too the board unpainted with little regards to appearance. Quite the contrary, I appreciate good art and it's my philosophy all armies should be reasonably painted with at least a base coat. At least all my armies are primed before I play with them.

    Anyways, on to more important things, I present my test models which is my ideal paint scheme for my Sisters of Battle army. Note that they aren't 100% completed, but are the samples for my overall color scheme.

    Here's a Veteran Sister Superior. My color scheme is white armour and red robes.

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    My Project Log featuring: Tau and Sisters of Battle

    Links to my battle reports

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