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    Legio Tempestus Epic Titan Legion

    As a big fan of the Horus Heresy series of novels I was very pleased to find that the latest in the series 'Mechanicum' was a return to form. After having read the book I knew it was impossible to not build a Legio Tempestus Titan Force, and not being a billionaire I set out to do so on a vaguely sensible level - using the Epic Titans.

    The idea is to amass a large force of Titans, which will in turn be supported by auxilliaries from House Tanaris - the Knights of Tanaris.

    Its been too cold here in Aberdeen to spray prime anything of late, and my lack of a garage or suitabel spraying area means I'm going to have to wait for it to get aboving freezing at the very least before I can think about painting these guys. At any rate let's proceed onwards and sideways...

    First up we have what will become the Knights of Tanaris, though I'm hoping to get some of the more Titan-esque ones soon. They're fairly dumpy little models but I like the little buggers, they're rather characterful and very 'old' GW.

    Next up is the beginnings of my Warhound Pack, I prefer the older model to the newer one, its much sturdier looking. I have a second old style Warhound, but unfortunately no weaponry for him. If anyone happens to have any lying about please let me know.

    Then a fairly bog standard Reaver, though with differing epaulettes as he arrived thusly.

    Followed swiftly by a Warlord, this will be the penultimate Warlord, as I want one of the modern ones to join the others I already have. I prefer the look of these blockier Warlords, but this guy has a mishmash of weapons from his own kit and the plastic Warlord kit.

    Then comes Addo Verum, Warlord Titan of the Legio Tempestus, armed with a Las Burner, a Laser Blaster and a Gatling Blaster. As you can see I had some trouble opening up the lower barrel of the Las Burner, but I've never had to cut out a squared gun barrel before so I think its allowed.

    Next we have Ares Irae, Warlord Titan of the Legio Tempestus armed with a Melta Cannon, Power Fist and a Vortex Missile. Anyone who remembers Epic will remember the Vortex Missile well I'm sure... I've not done anything to the barrel of the Melta Cannon as I don't want it to end up like the Las Burner barrel, so it will most likely be painted in.

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