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    The Realm of Kaos


    2500p painted and ticking

    Im suffering from "cant focus on one thing until its finished" and have drifted away from my greenskins a bit in favor for Chaos. I am ashamed but at the same time thrilled!

    There are so many ideas in my head i could probably make something like 10 armies of different chaos-clans and species.. Altough Warriors of Chaos is the strongest one with all the possibilities for convertions and painting. And it seems like a fun army to play.

    To start with i want to make a unit of nurgle knights and but i want to totally avoid the colour green since i have painted my share of greenskins in my life. So therefore i have experimented alot with different colours and i finally found the one i wanted.

    Heres my poor testdummy, hes painted with something simmilar to a tankbrush but it was a quick job atleast hehe.. What do you think of the colours? Is it feeling like it could pass as nurgle?

    Thing is i want to tie it together with the rest of the army so a blackish/purple basecolor will be the one on all the different marks.

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