well i've been thinking about starting 40k again and doing a little painting mainly along side the odd game or too with my brother who's talkin about starting as well.

hes concidering either Tau or orks.

i cant make my mind up between Space Marines ( tho even down to witch chapter is hard enough to decided) Eldar or Tyranids.

For space marines I can really make up my mind about which chapter to paint my army as, i was condieing blood ravens but they can look a little dull, then i was thinkin Ultramarines mainly because i think the painting on them looks really nice but there extremly overplayed and finally between dark angels. If i was going to play SM i'd like to have quite a small elite army thats hard to take down and able to handle either Tau or orcs.

Tyranids arent soo much of a problem painting wise as I love the way hive fleet benamoth looks but i may design my own splinter fleet.

eldar its gota be ulthwee or bel-tayn (sorry cant spell it)

The main reason im getting back into it is due having an appendonectomy and cant leave the house much for two months or so.

so what are your oppinions on which army i should be between the 3 choices of Space marine, Tyranid and eldar.