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Thread: Just curious, does GW listen?

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    Just curious, does GW listen?

    I am just curious (possibly the wrong place for this) but does anyone know of an instance where GW has taken player/community input into anything? I know the big summer campaigns were 'meant' to be shining examples of that, though IMO failed.

    I mean for things like, FAQ's (oooh dangerous topic) which units should be re-released/updated, which armies to release (*pipe dreams here*) and general hobby malarky.

    I mean for me, GW has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies, and though the horror stories of closed stores, downsizing and whatnot continue they still have a healthy supply of employess and, now why do they not take any input in? (they possibly do, I honestly do not know).

    Like for FAQ's, I hear Dakka (is that right?) do a ton, yet only a small amount get through the NO THANK YOU net, we have no choice which army comes out next, which I don't really mind as each army does need to be updated...often...then updated again, which gain more players for that army, good or ill (Daemons, VC's, SM' cetera).

    What kind of input have I missed that you wish they would take into consideration? I know its a mass so realise what 'needs' to be done, what I am curious about is why do we the majority (the majority, as is the case in most places, rule) not get any input....Are we too quite? Does GW have internet access? Would they by chance look at warhammer forums? Would we get to give any input? Should we get more of a say?

    Or do we already?
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