First things first, I really like the look of the Lizardmen army and do enjoy fielding them on the table top and want to again after a 2 year break in their case but after reading the new book I'm a little disappointed to be honest.

Positives first though. Alot more variety is great, the fact you can do multiple builds with the army is fantastic. Ranked skink units is a great addition for cheap garbage MSU units that can be redirecters and even a unit that can do some damage with Kroxi's in it. Razordons for guarding flanks are SWEET (except for problems stated below) and are just what the army needed, good solid flank protectors. Cheaper Saurus Cav is good, Salamanders using a template is a nice change, definetly defining their attack nature vs. the flank guarding nature of the Razordons. EotG is fantastic, Stegadons to special is great. Don't get me wrong overall the book has improved... to a point.

But what I'm disappointed in and have a HUGE problem with some of the changes that WEREN'T made to units/items that I would love to use but still think are relatively useless compared to others in the list. What I hope is that people can convince me otherwise and show me uses for them that I may have overlooked.

My biggest beefs first.

Salamanders and Razordons costing 75 pts each?? are you kidding me?? IMO, pound for pound (pts. cost compared to effect/usefullness, is what pound for pound means amongst my gaming community) completely overpriced in an already points stingey army. 65 is tolerable.

SAURUS are my biggest problem. 1 pt. decrease and 1 better armor save??!?!?! Ridiculous. There are so many things they could've done to make them vastly better. An initiative increase (which is all I really wanted to begin with in addition to an armor save increase which they got, thank god), or movement increase (which is a good idea but a little to much IMO unless it was their only change and stayed the same in pts.) still IMO completely useless when compared to temple guard and even skink blocks when compared pound for pound . 2 attacks no matter what with spears is alright but the unit is still to pts. heavy IMO.

Magic items are a joke. Many of them are way to overpriced especially for one use only items!! Lizardmen are clearly the kings of the "One use Only" magic items. Rod of the storm is just what they need, but, one use only... stupid. Can you honestly sit there and tell me Rod of the Storm (D6 str 4 no armor save) vs. Storm Daemon (D6 str 5. on a 1 hits user.) makes any sense at all?!?! Theyr're both basically the same but Rod is one use only. That makes me laugh. I could go on forever on how 90% of the items aren't worth taking so please just tell me the ones you think are worth it. The only ones ATM that are worth it (pound for pound)are

Sun resplendant sword, Warspear for skinks, sword of the hornet.

mirrored pool shield, maiming shield

Curse charm of Tepok, Carnosaur Pendant, venom of the firefly frog

Plaque of Tepok.

This is all pound for pound remember. there are items that are usefull but they're just to damn expensive for what they do. Some should stay the same amount of points but remove the "one use only" rule. (*cough "Rod of the Storm, *cough "cupped hands of the old ones")

I know people probably have a headache from my Long ass rant but one more thing to add then I'll stop

Chameleon skinks. Still stupidly useless and overpriced (albeit not as much). One magic missile = dead unit/combat ineffective unit, on most occasions. Yeah, yeah you're saying "well don't let the spell get cast on them." Well, sometimes you fail your dispel roll. Just a unit thats not worth taking the chance on IMO.

Anyway, please find things that counter what I've stated and help me!!! I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to changing my views but thats why I love the Warseer community. I always see different takes on units/tactics I never thought of. I really want to use Saurus but ATM think Skinks and temple guard will be the only block units I take.